Old Spice


The Evolution of Old Spice® In this day and age, it’s very seldom to see brands that have withstood the test of time. Everyday, new brands are released, re-marketed, or revamped, making the market even harder to navigate. With so many brands on the playing field it creates a limited space for your brand to be recognized and not get lost in the clutter. One product that has claimed its space and intends to stay is Old Spice®. The company, which began in 1937, is a veteran in the male grooming business and continues to ensure that their brand remains relevant. From the beginning, Old Spice® has used its spice-filled scents, bright and bold marketing tactics and nautical feel to enter the homes of Americans throughout the country. Throughout the years they’ve managed to find a way to make their bright red bottle and boat logo stand out and continuously adapt to the times. Here’s how. Download Full Version