The pinchHuge Inspiration from the Little Island

photo 3 copy
        After a recent trip back to my families mother country of Jamaica I came home not only with amazing pictures to post to Facebook, but a new appreciation for the luxuries that I have been able to receive throughout my lifetime.
        On this journey I did a lot of growing up, and realized how important it was that I understood where I come from. Watching my 9 year old cousins perform tasks that I just recently mastered like cooking, made the simple dishes I created look like lackluster appetizers. Nonetheless, it showed me how fast they had to grow up because of their environment. Suddenly the problems and issues I faced on a daily basis seemed so miniscule. I was finally able to realize why my grandma always stressed to always carry on traditions and never let anything stand in the way of you remembering were you come from.
        With that being said, I have been even more inspired to expound on my journey of learning to cook, but also do my part to stay grounded and remember that little things can make big things happen.

             photo 2[2] copy        photo 1[4] copy

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