Five Ways to Combat a Stressful Week

        This has been one of the most stressful weeks of my short 21 years. I’ve been struggling to balance my time and set my priorities. A combination of a hectic schedule and minimal hours of sleep have dropped my free time to 0 percent. In order to try to make the most of my week I’ve had to find ways to change from feeling frantic and overwhelmed and positively take charge of my attitude.
        Whether it may be the uplifting text messages my mom sends me every morning saying,”TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO BE A GOOD DAY.”, or constantly trying to remind myself not to sweat the little things, I’ve learned the power of perspective have adopted strategies to help combat stressful weeks.

5 Noteworthy Tips:

  1. Allot some “me” time (It’s restorative)
  2. Set plans and look forward to a weekend event, vacation etc.
  3. Take a break and return to task. (Get refreshed and gain a new perspective)
  4. Make a checklist and try to knock off a few things at each sitting.
  5. Remember to just do it.

    (Even small steps and accomplishments contribute to the end goal)

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