10 Hours too Long…(iPhone Withdrawls)

via Flickr /  Justin Achelpohl
via Flickr / Justin Achelpohl

        I never really realized how attached I was to my phone until I lost it for the first time ever last night. While I am usually responsible with my belongings, on this night I came up with the very foolish idea of holding my phone in my hand the entire night. With a mixture of having too much fun with my friends and a bit of complacency, I put my phone down and did not see it again for the rest of the night. As soon as I realized it was no where to be found I felt my heart sink to the floor. How would I know what time to wake up without my alarm? How would I know what to do the next morning without my very detailed calendar? How would I know what funny things my friends posted as their Snapchat stories?
        …..And that’s when I realized I was way too dependent on a small device. I literally felt like a lost a piece of my life. As I went home that night, and clung tight to the next device I could find (my Macbook) I decided to make a semi-positive list of things I thought would help me let go of my huge loss..
1.Don’t rely on technology so much…it will leave will break. it will stop working etc.
2.Think about all the things you miss out on when your face is buried in your phone.
3.Remember it’s only a material item and CAN be replaced.

        Lucky enough for me, my lack of phone depression only lasted about 10 hours. Thankfully, a nice stranger found my phone and returned it but I still need to implement this list into my life, just in case this may happen again. *Crosses fingers*

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