The pinch

The Art of Communicating Effectively

speech bubbles
Collaboration- Speech Bubbles. By artxwhore via Flickr.

         A few days ago, while streaming a local radio station from back home I caught a discussion by a woman who was describing the importance of building substantial relationships with others. While I didn’t catch her name many of the concepts and ideas she illustrated were interesting ones that I believe can be applied to everyday relationships.
         It’s a simple idea that I think you can apply to friendships, dating, or even marriages. Basically, the premise is that as people in daily communication and discussion we already walk in with a perception on what we think, what are beliefs are, and how we feel. We are listening but we are not effectively hearing what the other party is trying to communicate to us. As effective communicators we must be able to know our position, but be willing to set it aside and listen and truly hear what it is that is being said to us. Though their position may completely differ from ours, we have to be willing to hear what they are saying, and live in their mindset for that moment to completely understand what it is that they really want to convey.
         This is a concept that I will try to adapt into my daily life as a way to create and build better understandings, broaden my own perspective, and increased the effectiveness of how I communicate. Ultimately, this does not change my position, but allows me to to be a lot more understanding of the position others hold.

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