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Three reasons procrastination never works

Flickr / Tony McCann
via Flickr / Tony McCann

        While it’s almost common sense that procrastinating is never a good thing, I still tend to find myself putting things off when I know that there is a set time it must be completed. This week I quickly learned that this bad habit is not going to cut it in the real world.
        With a swamped week of loads of homework, managing a team, and working 2 news room shifts and a job, I barely had time to spend, and for a short moment I wasted it. While I still managed to pull out on top and complete the 3 papers, and 2 midterms, I began to see that the hours I spent scrolling around on Twitter or laying in bed watching bridal shows could’ve been spent on completing my assignments. Once I realized how much sleep I missed out on just by putting things off to a later time, I knew that I had to break the cycle.

Here are three reasons why you can never win while procrastinating:

1. You’ll stress yourself out because you’re pressed for time.
2. Even if you finish in the time allotted, you’ll either suffer from extreme sleep deprivation or have anxiety about the task you completed.
3. You’re practicing bad time management routines that are hard to break.

        While I know it’s extremely hard to break habits, just consider the endless amounts of time you’ll have when you have completed your tasks in a timely fashion. Plan wisely.

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