The pinch

A Taste of Something Familiar

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        The combination of homesickness accompanied by the long drawn-out phone conversations with my grandma, left me with a strong desire to get home as soon as possible. While I mostly think my homesickness was caused by my cravings for my grandmothers authentic Jamaican dishes, I also think it’s because I usually make a plan to visit back home in mid-October but didn’t have the opportunity to do so this year.
        Instead of pouting around and feeling down and out, I decided I would do something to remind me of home. I dug through my phone and found a note filled with some of my grandmothers family recipes that I jotted down while following her around in the kitchen. While looking through recipes like jerk chicken, bully beef, and stew peas, I decided to make the meal that seemed like it would take the shortest prep time; Thus curry chicken.
        Following my grandmother’s recipe step-by-step, along with calling her a few times in-between, I was able to create curry chicken and diced Irish potatoes, atop a bed of rice. Thankfully, my dish was a pleasant flavor-filled reminder and even tasted just like hers! And with the big pot of food I made, I will have at least a week full of food that will act as a little taste of home until I’m actually there.

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