Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

        I’ve never been too fond of anything football related, or really any sport for that matter. And while that is completely frowned upon, especially as a student attending a big-time sports school, I still never even considered trying to get involved in sports related activities at all. That of course all changed today when I decided that I should at least attend one tailgate in my college career. Maybe it was the homecoming spirit, or me realizing that this was my last homecoming ever that influenced me to attend, but either way I attended and hoped that I would have a good time.
        Thankfully, I picked a nice warm day, went with the right group of people, and actually found myself enjoying my time. I was able to catch up with friends and scored a lot of free food. This showed me that I may have been a bit too quick to add football to my “do not like” list. There are many times when I say I don’t like something because I really don’t know much about it, and I’m almost positive this was one of those moments. While I still may not be a fan of football, partly because I still know very little about it, I am definitely a fan of the free food and live atmosphere that come along with it.

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