The pinch

Halloween…The Cheap Way

        I’m all for shopping and buying an outfit for a specific event…except for when it comes to Halloween. This holiday comes only once a year, and it’s more than likely that you won’t want to re-use the same pirate costume for the next two years. I also found it very hard to bring myself to purchase a costume because they’re so expensive. Who knew something made out of rayon and spandex could cost so much? Nonetheless, this Halloween is one of favorite holidays, so I thought it would be in the best interest of my wallet to make my own costume
        After going back and forth on what I wanted to be, I decided that the easiest costume to create was a hippie. I decided that a pair of wide-legged pants I recently bought, a old frayed vest found at the bottom of my closet, a simple white t-shirt and a five dollar budget to purchase accessories would be just the things I needed to pull this outfit together. One thing that I had constantly seen videos on YouTube for were flower crowns and I thought that this would be the best accessory for the look I was trying to create.
        With my five dollars in hand I went hit up the dollar store near my house and picked up a few bouquets of fake flowers, gardening wire, and borrowed my roommates glue gun. Once I got home I started cutting off the stems of my faux flowers, leaving just a little nub big enough to be attached to the base of the crown. After cutting off all of the stems, I used the gardening wire and began to shape the wire around my head with three strands of wire. Once I got the perfect measurement of my head, I braided the three wires together into the shape of a circle and started gluing the tops of the flowers to the base of the crown, fitting the flower tops as closely together as they could get. After about an hour, my flower crown was complete and my costume was ready to wear.
        Thus, my cheap costume was a success and I didn’t hurt my wallet in the process.

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