The pinch

Answering “What’s Next?”

Flickr /  schneller2000
Flickr / schneller2000

        The real world is probably one of the scariest places, and in just a few short months I will become a fully-functioning member of that society—a concept that has me completely freaked out. As my final semester in college is quickly approaching, thoughts of what’s next is what is most prevalent on my mind. What’s even more scarier is that I zero clue of where I’ll be after graduation.
        As preparation for the numerous family members that are going to nag me with “What are you going to do after college?” question this upcoming Thanksgiving break, I’ve come up with the best ways to answer this using potential plans I may pursue.

1. “I’m exploring my options,” Tell them what your ideal goal is and let them know that you’re applying for jobs that will get you there.

2. For those of us that will be swamped with student loans…”I’m moving back home for a short while to save up money and start my life.”—They’ll think you’re super responsible.

3. “I’m plan on traveling for a bit to truly find my purpose.”—This shows that you intend to become more cultured; maybe they’ll even think you’re considering becoming a global ambassador or something.

4. The simple “I’m still figuring it out.” Sure you may get some concerned looks, but at least it’s honest. Not everyone has a set plan for their lives and you should not feel forced to. Before you know it you’ll have some fancy business title and they’ll no longer be asking you “What’s next?”

5. “I have no clue,” Sometimes this honesty opens up conversation to learn about potential job opportunities they might’ve heard of.

        One of the biggest takeaways from this is to constantly remind yourself that eventually your life will fall into place. Don’t rush things, don’t feel discouraged by your best friends multiple job offers, and most importantly don’t doubt yourself.

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