The pinch

Doctor Knows Best? Yes.

        I’ll be the first to say it: I’m afraid of the doctor’s office. It’s not so much that I’m scared I’ll be getting shots or drawing blood, it’s more of the unknown. It’s one of those things where when someone is more educated on a topic than you are it’s a bit intimidating to step into their realm and receive advice.
        Nonetheless, the doctor is one of the most essential tools we have as humans, and I should probably start utilizing them more. For the past three weeks I’ve been complaining to my mom over FaceTime that I was feeling very sick. I bored her daily with my complaints of a ton of bricks on my chest, a feverish cough, and constantly being stuck between blazing hot and freezing cold body temperatures. While she tried to convince me daily to go to the doctor, I refused and that’s when she came up with the evil plan to kidnap me and drag me to the doctor. Instead of the Starbucks run she promised me, we pulled into the parking lot of the doctors office and I was dragged into the facility; An ambush that I am now grateful for.
        It turns out that for the past few weeks I’d been suffering from pneumonia, and was almost instantly diagnosed upon arrival at the health care center because my case was pretty bad. Thankfully, I was released in a few hours, but the horse pills and Pinecone flavored liquid that I have to swallow down for the next 10 days are constant reminders of why I should never put off going to the doctor again.
        Don’t be me guys, doctor knows best.

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