The pinch

It’s Official, Sports are more fun at the Arena

        I will be the first to tell you that I do not enjoy sports, I mean I go to a pretty big football school and I’ve only been to one game, and in October was the first time I attended a tailgate. But after attending my second ever Mizzou Basketball game today, I might be coming around a bit. Sure it’s not my first choice of something to watch on television, but the atmosphere at the arena makes the experience much more enjoyable.
        Today I attended the Mizzou vs Xavier Game and even though we lost I found myself cheering, smiling, and even getting really involved in the game….something completely out of my character. I think I enjoyed the game so much because it was not as long as football, the crowd was super enthusiastic, and finally because it was something very different than what I’m used to.
         At the end of the day I’m glad I got a hold of the tickets and might be more open minded to attending more sports events.

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