The pinch

One Year Older, One year….

     Yesterday I turned 22, and while all birthdays after 21 are not as fun I’m determined to make this year I’m proud of. With so many changes coming in the next few months (graduation, finding a job, entering the real world) this is the year I’ve dedicated to getting settled, trying new things, and more importantly: evolving. So of course, me being me, I set a list of goals I’d like to accomplish before the Taylor Swift song no longer applies to me.

1. Write More— More free-time is soon approaching which is perfect for the development of my writing. I plan on setting scheduled timed to write at least three times a week.

2. Learn from experience—22 means finding better solutions and letting my past help to mold a better future.

3. Get out there more—This is a goal that directly corresponds to my job hunt and venturing into the real world. This is the time when many new and exciting endeavors will be coming my way and I want to make sure I don’t stand in my own way.

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