The pinch

Online Shopping Woes

     While living in CoMo one of the biggest things I had to get used to is the limited amount of places to shop. Being that I’ve lived here for the past three years I’ve had to learn to make do of the small amount of retail stores offered, making sure to do much of my shopping while at home, or if worse comes to worse, online.
     While online shopping seems to be a very useful tool for many of my friends and female counterparts, me on the other hand has had many issues with the entire process. There is not one time I can think of that something did not go wrong with my online shopping experiences. I can’t quite tell if I’m either ordering from the wrong places or haven’t mastered the art of online shopping, but more often than never I usually end up disappointed with my purchases. This recent annoyance with the entire online shopping process is due to the fact that after two weeks of ordering I am still waiting for clothing for my birthday. This annoyance in both the postal service and the companies shipping my retail items is the reasoning behind this list (or rant) of the things I absolutely dislike about online shopping.

1. No instant gratification—I feel like the whole purpose of shopping is the joy you feel after being able to go home with the items you paid for. Online shopping feels more like putting your money on hold and not having access to the things you want.

2.Shipments NEVER arrive when they say they will—and when they do, they get delivered at a time when you’re of course not available.

3. When you get the item it’s almost never as you imagined it--—Whether it be a pair of shoes that don’t fit, a fitted jumpsuit that swallows your entire legs, or a dress that comes two sizes too small, I’ve rarely had good luck with online shopping. It’s like you wait so long for the mail to come and when it does, it rarely ever lives up to my expectations.
     As you can see I’m crossing my fingers for the day where you can buy something online and it show up at your door immediately….oh minus the shipping fees as well. Let’s hope for my sake it’s soon approaching.

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