Lack of Groceries Breeds Great Meals

      Yes, I know I’ve been back from spring break for about a week now, and yes I know that my mom probably wouldn’t approve of me eating out for the entire week, but this is what my life has been since I returned from Las Vegas. Grocery shopping is usually a fun experience for people, but I do not happen to be one and I try to avoid the store at all costs.
     Thankfully, I was smart enough to leave a few items in my fridge while I was home, and with a bit of an imagination, as well as some influences from Chopped, I decided to put a bunch of ingredients together to make a meal. The FoodFathers must’ve been on my side because my dish actually turned out to be delicious:
     And while it may look complex it was honestly a mash up of the last chicken breast in my freezer, 1/2 a bag of brown rice, two portabello mushrooms, 6 spinach leaves, and balsamic vinaigrette. Sure if it wasn’t for my lack of time and energy to go to the grocery store this meal would’ve never been made, but looking at the positives I now have a new dish I can make when the groceries are low.

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