Seoul Food in CoMo

     Growing up near a big city where a plethora of ethnic food is available at will, it’s kind of hard to not feel like my palate is missing out when I’m at school. I know, I know, CoMo offers different styles of ethnic cooking, but I’d be lying if I said that the options compare to the ones back at home. Well, that was until I tried Seoul Taco.
     The restaurant, which opened it’s doors in early March of this year, is already a staple in Columbia. After hearing so many rave reviews, and having friends constantly inviting me to go out and try it, I finally decided this weekend to test it out for myself.
     After a long week swamped with assignments, it seemed like the perfect time to treat myself to something special. I made the short walk from campus and headed to Seoul, grabbed a bulgogi and chicken taco, and headed back home to eat them in the comfort of my own bed.
      I don’t know if my love for Korean BBQ as well as my constant craving for tacos was what drew me into trying this place out, but It’s safe to say that my stomach was pretty happy about this executive decision. With an especially cheap menu, it’s amazing to see how much their food options cater to hungry college students with exotic taste buds, on a budget.

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