The pinch

Getting Crafty for Graduation


     In preparation for graduation in just 15 days I decided it would be a fun idea to decorate my graduation cap. I’m constantly on Pinterest and Instagram seeing all of the creative cap ideas and I figured I could try it out for myself. While I haven’t done much arts and crafts in years, I thought it would be a good bonding experience for me and a few of my friends to try together.
     After searching for hours on what I was gonna put on the cap, I finally decided on a quote I always loved, “She believed she could, so she did.” I picked the quote because I thought it would be representative of the goals I set for myself within college. I also knew that I wanted my cap to be representative of my culture. And of course….it had to be bejeweled. (who am I kidding)
     With glittery paper, a hot glue gun, and letter stickers I dedicated my entire day to making something I was proud of. With the amount of time I put into it I’m happy to say it turned out well.

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