I’m a firm believer in the mantra ‘design the life you want, then live it.’

You must design what you want your life to look like and make efforts to get to that desired point. While our plans may IMG_7075shift and change, only we hold the pen that writes the story to our desired outcome.

My name is Taylor Pecko-Reid, and I am a public relations and new media specialist with plans to help clients narrate powerful and impactful stories, captivate audiences, re-shape thoughts and behaviors, deliver measurable business goals and disrupt the PR world as we know it.

I’m a bold thinker, an avid sushi lover, and always down to go shopping. 

My multicultural background and strong desire to be an uplifting voice for women will be utilized to narrate stories that excite and empower communities. I vow to create a lane for myself in which I can provide others the ability to let their voices be heard, their faces be seen and their messages be amplified.